Bergamasco is above all very intelligent and balanced. The intelligence of the dog has been refined for natural selection. Bergamasco is an excellent watch dog because it doesn't likes strangers invading its world. Its relationship with children is something special.


Bergamasco Intelligent DogBergamasco Intelligent Dog

Bergamasco Dog PictureBergamasco Dog Picture

Toy Manchester Terrier

Toy Manchester Terrier is a breed of dog, categorized as a terrier. The Toy Manchester Terrier in North America is a small, long legged dog with a short coat marked with tan, a long tail and ears which stand upright.

Toy Manchester TerrierToy Manchester Terrier

Toy Manchester Terrier Pics of DogsToy Manchester Terrier Pics of Dogs

Toy Manchester Terrier Toy DogsToy Manchester Terrier Toy Dogs
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